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League One Finance and Leasing Corporation (LOFLC) is a premier equipment finance and leasing company based in Makati, Metro Manila. Through its nationwide offices, LOFLC provides expertly structured financing services directly to companies throughout the Philippines through Mortgage Loan and Finance Lease, covering, but not limited to: trucks, heavy equipment, industrial, and medical equipment. Additionally, LOFLC offers Floor Stock Financing for select dealers. League One Finance and Leasing Corporation was incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission, with a paid-in capital of Php 1.0 Billion, and was granted authority as a financing company on June 28, 2016. LOFLC is continually expanding with over 12 branches now located in key growth areas of the Philippines. League One Finance and Leasing Corporation envisions to increase its presence in the domestic retail financial market, and targets to be one of the most revered companies in the Philippines through its excellent service, trust-based and close relationship with its customer base and stakeholders, an aspect that have been inculcated and experienced at LOFLC. Here at League One Finance and Leasing Corporation, we are Professional, Trustworthy, Friendly, Efficient and a Valuable Partner. This has proven well for us and will continue to be a part of the lives of the Filipino people in the future as we work towards enriching and developing the nation.