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First Industrial Credit Co., Inc.  


We aim to be a reliable funding partner of corporations and individuals to empower them to achieve their financial goals in a sustainable manner. 

We believe in technology-based service delivery. 

First Industrial Credit Co., Inc. (FICC) is a credit company whose main line of business is to service the short-term funding needs of corporations and their employees.  

Our 2-pronged business model involves: (1) providing loanable funds; and, (2) providing companies with an online automated corporate- lending and salary-lending platform.  This is our Credit-as-a-Service System (CaaS®).  This system enables companies to efficiently: (1) obtain their working capital needs from; and, (2) outsource their employee financial wellness management to, FICC. 

This is the FICC way. CaaS®. 


Pioneering Robust Online Automated Lending Platform: Credit-as-a Service System (CaaS®) 
The Credit as a Service (CaaS®) portal is a pioneering secure, private-access-only, web-based Straight Through Loan Processing system that allows company-borrowers and employee-borrowers to apply and get loans very conveniently, without having to go outside of work places or homes and queue.  Borrowers are  regularly notified of status, requirements, and loan balances via text and email messages. 
The CaaS® system is an innovative way of loan service delivery.  It is a unique borrower experience at no extra cost! Set sail.